About GiftTest.org

About gifttest.org

Thank you for visiting the motivational gifts survey, a free and anonymous online service. The Motivational Gifts Survey is the first statistically validated gifts survey of its kind. Gifttest.org has been on the web for over 15 years and all kinds of different organizations (from corporations to churches) have used the site. We recently updated the site and gave it a new look but it is the SAME tool. Many people told us the Motivational Gifts Survey confirmed what they already knew but they didn’t understand the why behind it. The new site is an endeavor to answer those questions.

Others have asked to purchase the Motivational Gifts Survey to use in their own consulting services, classes, seminars, or ministry. That is now an option! Please visit the “Research” or “Ministry” menu options of this site and you will find an option to purchase self-scoring hard copies of the Motivational Gifts Survey.

Academic researchers have requested to use the gifts survey in statistical research in their own dissertations or related scholarly peer-reviewed or refereed journals. Please visit the “Research” menu option of this site and you can purchase a license to use the Motivational Gifts Survey online via software such as Survey Monkey ™ or SPSS ™.

Written for secular use, as a practical tool for corporate settings, organizational leaders can use the results of this survey to better place employees and volunteers in ideal job settings that most fully use a person’s gifts. In addition, the results of this survey will help every individual to understand his/her motivational gifts and how to best use those gifts, which will contribute to a sense of personal effectiveness and satisfaction.

As always, the gifts survey is automated and self-scoring, so your data is completely anonymous. (To ensure anonymity, once you leave the page, your results disappear! So please print a record for yourself. We do not track your results because we value YOUR privacy). You will receive the most accurate and useful results if you think carefully about each item and read each response carefully. After you submit the form, you will immediately receive results. All individual responses and results remain confidential. Please review our privacy policy for details. Thank you for visiting gifttest.org!