mercy300Children with the gift of mercy care deeply for those who are hurt or in trouble. The Mercy child is very tender-hearted and is the first to sympathize when somebody is suffering. Children with this gift have a strong desire to relieve the pain of others. This is the type of child that may cry when they see another child or their sibling get spanked.

The gift of mercy is concerned with injustice because of the desire to rescue the victims of injustice.  A child with a gift of mercy is careful to consider the feeling of others. They are kind and thoughtful children. Unfortunately, most people are not as considerate toward them. Of the seven motivational gifts, Mercy children get their feelings hurt the easiest.

As parents, we will need to teach a Mercy child about their feelings and encourage them to talk things out. Once wounded emotionally, a Mercy child tends to retreat or isolate themselves. If you are a parent to one of these gifted children, they require a daily dose of hugs and smiles.

Like the gift of giving, the gift of mercy also enables one to be patient and gracious toward others. When the patience of others runs out, a person with the gift of mercy can continue to be gracious and kind.  As parents of Mercy children, we will need to respond differently when disciplining them. For example, what works well with a Ruler or Perceiver child may emotionally devastate a child with the gift of Mercy.

They are helpful children.  A Mercy child is not as quick as a Server child to see what needs to be done. However, they happily comply when asked and work better with company than alone. They take particular interest in “helping” versus “working” to complete tasks.  For example, if they know you are tired and have too much left to do, their heart motivates them to help you. It isn’t about achievement or completion of the task. For a child with the gift of mercy, it is knowing they brought you some relief or comfort.




Considerate of the feelings of others


Desire to rescue those hurt or in trouble


Gets feelings hurt easily