The Server


The second motivational gift is the gift of service. The Greek word for service is “diakonia.” Throughout the New Testament scriptures there are three specific behaviors or traits demonstrated. They are: 1) providing for the physical, material, or spiritual needs of people 2) taking care of the less fortunate in society such as the poor or the widowed and 3) helping in the distribution or collection of food, clothing, etc. to give to those in need.

Servers are particularly skilled to quickly identify tasks that need to be done. They are very cognizant of their surroundings. Perhaps this comes from their need to provide for others as seen in scripture. Servers are the first to lend a hand. Often they work in the background providing services that others will never see. Servers show their loyalty through action rather than words.

What motivates a Server is helping someone else. Because Servers have a tendency to prefer jobs in support roles, they are not usually in the forefront or public eye. They prefer to accomplish their tasks without an audience and therefore, their personalities tend to be more quiet and reserved. Unfortunately, some people interpret the reserved nature of a Server and the desire to work behind the scenes as being uninterested. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Servers see the needs “behind the scenes,” as essential to making things work on the “front lines.”

Servers are efficient and “keep things moving.” They keep on task (and often keep others on task) to be sure needs are met. They identify strongly with what they do to help others and if their help is rejected, they may feel personally rejected. Depending on other dominant gifts working in a Server’s life, they may be talented event planners. Servers have a natural ability to look ahead and plan what will be needed.