Learn Your Child's Gifts Early On

Parenting based on gifts blesses and affirms your children in the specific way God created them and prepares them for what God created them to do.  Since children are in the process of growing and developing, it is more challenging to pinpoint a child’s gift (versus an adult).  However, the benefits are well worth the effort:


Find out HOW to motivate your child = enthusiasm, initiative


Understand the “WHY” behind your child’s likes and dislikes = better relationships


Provide more compatible learning opportunities = enhance academic growth


The Motivational Gifts Survey is a good starting point but it is only that – a starting point. Since children are in a development process, their behaviors change significantly from year to year, making it difficult for a survey to identify true gifting.

Start with some basic questions to identify characteristics of your child’s motivational gift:


Is the child talkative and comfortable speaking in front of others OR is the child shy and quiet?


Is the child a “take-charge” type with a strong will OR is the child more helpful and obedient?


serving_gift1Serving type gifts (Server, Giver, Mercy)

  • Shy and quiet
  • Helpful and obedient

speaking_gift1Speaking type gifts (Perceiver, Teacher, Encourager, Ruler)

  • Talkative, comfortable speaking in front of others
  • Take charge type, strong-willed


What words are most characteristic of the child: “independent, decisive, and fearless” OR “nurturing, empathetic, and fun”?


speaking_gift2Perceiver, Teacher, Encourager, Ruler, and sometimes Giver

  • Independent, decisive, fearless

serving_gift2Encourager, Server, Giver, Mercy

  • Nurturing, empathetic, fun

Gifts Explained for Children

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