The Teacher


The third motivational gift in Romans 12 is the gift of teaching. The Greek root word for teaching is “didaskalia.” The scriptures illustrate how one with the gift of teaching uses sound, rational, and instructive reasoning to convince and help others to learn.

People with the gift of teaching are consummate debaters. It is how they convince and help others to learn. It doesn’t matter if they are in the office or at home, people with the gift of teaching are constantly thinking on their feet. Teachers need to know the reasoning behind concepts or ideas. They do not take anything at face value. Teachers can appear argumentative while they are simply trying to gain further understanding.

They have the ability to synthesize ideas, which results in a constant mental flow of information. Since their mind is always running and exploring new concepts, they tend to be self-motivating and self-starters. People with the gift of teaching need intellectual stimulation. They easily get bored with routine tasks as they love to learn and keep their minds busy.

Teachers usually enjoy research and love the opportunity to share something they have learned. Depending on other dominant gifts working in a Teacher’s life, they tend to be talkative people when it comes to explaining beliefs or ideas. Teachers have an ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand. Their motivation is to help others learn and grow in understanding, skill, and competency.

Teachers tend to be gifted intellectually and often seek to become experts in their fields or specific subject areas. Their analytical skills often push them toward the higher level math and sciences. The ability to see patterns of behavior in situations allows them to diagnose or expose problems that others do not see. Often teachers are sought out for this wisdom and find themselves giving advice to others on a regular basis.