The Ruler


The sixth gift in Romans 12 is the gift of Ruling. The Greek root word for leader is “proistemi,” which translates “rule.” The scriptures illustrate how a Ruler will: 1) set good examples 2) provide sound counsel 3) give admonition and warning to the people of dangers they are headed toward 4) reprove for negligence and 5) rule with love versus rigor.

What makes the gift of Ruling unique is the ability to see the “big picture.”  The Ruler looks ahead for possibilities and dangers. The ability to guide people and communicate to them regarding how to develop the “big picture” gives the Ruler an assertive, take-charge attitude. So, naturally, Rulers can appear bossy to other people who do not understand the gift.

A Ruler has an ability to bring order by setting up structures, systems, and methods for others to follow. The behaviors of a Ruler are similar to behaviors of the other motivational gifts. The difference is in the motivation of the Ruler, which is to move everyone toward a common goal.

Like the Perceiver, the Ruler will give admonition and warning of upcoming situations. Like the Teacher, a Ruler will provide sound counsel and instructive reasoning to convince the people of the common goal. Like the Encourager, a Ruler will motivate and inspire others to achieve and succeed. Like a Server and Giver, a Ruler is very task driven and independent.