The Giver


The Greek root word for giving is “metadidomi” meaning to impart. The New Testament scriptures show that giving is characterized by: 1) being charitable or having a charitable attitude 2) giving much out of little 3) specifically contributing to the less fortunate and 4) giving of one’s excess or bounty to those who have nothing.

Income is not the only way to determine whether someone has the gift of giving. Givers also donate their time through volunteer work or helping others in some way. Perhaps the easiest way to identify a Giver is their generous and charitable nature.

In an organization, this generous attitude extends to making personal sacrifices of time and self. Givers can make wonderful customer service representatives because they enjoy taking care of needs, often going above and beyond to satisfy a customer. When the patience and generosity of others has run out, the true Giver will continue to be gracious.

Givers are fulfilled by knowing the gift they gave (of either money, time, or resources) brought joy and aid to another, whether the recipient knew the source or not. They tend to be frugal and industrious people. Depending on other dominant gifts working in the Giver’s life, a Giver tends to have an independent nature.

They are motivated by a desire to help others. Sometimes this is through charitable work or organizations that provide food or medical treatment to the disadvantaged. Other Givers excel in critical thinking, design, and math & sciences enabling them to establish projects or organizations of their own that provide directly for these needs.

Even if this entrepreneurial tendency is not seen, Givers often find themselves managing or working in positions that require financial and mathematical proficiency (accounting, financial planning, investing, budget analysts, accounts payable departments, or handling finances for organizations in some way).  There are some Givers who do not experience the financial aspect of their gift.  In these cases, a Giver is still compelled to meet a particular need of others through a specific call on their life.  A true giver is motivated to be generous and gracious.