The Encourager


The Greek root word for encouraging is “paraklesis.” The scriptures show that the gift of encouragement will 1) edify and exhort 2) give peace to a troubled mind through speaking a message of encouragement and 3) bring joy and comfort.

Encouragers have the ability to call forth the best in others through encouragement and motivation. Thus naturally, people with the gift of encouragement feel comfortable around people and tend to have extraverted personalities. Anecdotal research shows that Encouragers not only encourage others but also like to prescribe practical advice. Encouragers want to see people improve and succeed. They have an ability to bring new life to people who have lost their determination and feel burnt out.

Encouragers are good with every personality and gift. However, because they are considerate of the feelings of others, they can easily be offended when people are not considerate toward them. Encouragers can be over-talkative and eager to share, jumping into conversations.

Depending on other dominant gifts working in an Encourager’s life, this gift can result in the most gregarious personality. They usually have a large circle of friends, which leads to an Encourager having influence with people. This often leads to a charismatic leadership style.

Encouragers sometimes find themselves in positions of leadership by default due to their optimism, motivation, and inspiration to others. They are gifted with an ability to make connections with people (often people in key positions). Encouragers are natural networkers.