encourager300Children with the gift of encouraging are joyful and have a positive outlook. Encouragers have an ability to call forth the best in others through encouragement and motivation. Naturally, children with this gift feel comfortable around people and tend to have extraverted personalities. Often the

An Encourager is the kid who becomes the “life of the party.”

They tend to have charisma and attract a large circle of friends. Encouragers want to see their friends succeed and like to cheer them on.  Anecdotal research shows that Encouragers not only encourage others but also like to give practical advice. Do not be surprised if your child’s friends seek them out for their opinions and counsel.

This gift can result in a gregarious personality. Encouragers are usually well liked for their fun personality and gain influence with their peers. It is common for Encouragers to become the leaders of their peers. Encouragers often find themselves in positions of leadership by default due to their optimism, motivation, and inspiration to others.  As parents, we need to caution Encouragers of the responsibility and work that comes with leadership and that it is not about being popular and fun.

Encourager children do have a large circle of friends and can compromise their standards to avoid conflict.  Interestingly, although they are good candidates for leadership, parents will need to coach them not to lower their standards to “go along with the crowd”. We can also help them learn when it is appropriate to confront as an Encourager gift is the best at explaining to others how to improve and succeed.


Social butterfly, talkative


Optimistic, positive outlook


Large circle of friends


Fun, gregarious personality


Master communicator