Showing Mercy


The Greek word for mercy is “eleeo.” In the New Testament, those with the gift of Mercy are: 1) compelled to have compassion for people, 2) help people in misery, and 3) pity the ignorant and instruct them.

People gifted with Mercy are the first to listen and sympathize when someone is suffering. They feel that sympathizing with others is a valuable use of their time. This gift is concerned with the condition of the person who is suffering or in trouble. Often people with this gift have a strong desire to relieve the pain of others. This is why people with the gift of Mercy are usually effective in roles that require compassion, such as physical therapists, social workers, or counselors. The gift of Mercy is also effective in human resource departments, where employee concerns are addressed.

It is this ability to show compassion and mercy that enables the person with this gift to demonstrate a large amount of patience. They are less likely to become frustrated when people repeatedly come to them with problems unlike those gifted in the other areas.

Depending on other dominant gifts operating in one’s life, the gift of Mercy tends to attract hurting, emotionally needy people. Like Givers, Mercy also has a gracious nature. However the gift of Mercy is easier to take advantage of and this can result in burn out. A person with a Mercy gift must set boundaries, so they do not get sucked into the problems of others. This gift can show mercy in a cheerful way, bringing joy to gloomy places. Remember to take care of yourself, so you have the “emotional reserve” to listen and take care of others!