License to Reproduce

License to Reproduce Copies


This allows you to conduct the Motivational Gifts Survey using paper and pencil along with self-scoring keys for respondents to complete and score. Includes permission to make copies of the Motivational Gifts Survey and scoring key.

The image provided is a preview of the first page of the survey. It is a five page document with the self-scoring key on the fifth page.

Clicking to purchase this option will take you to PayPal. You can determine the amount of copies that you will need to reproduce. The cost is $1.00 per copy of the gifts survey. Please use the email address where you would like your order sent.

After purchase, please allow 24 hours for to verify your purchase and e-mail a license/certificate indicating the number of copies that you purchased and a PDF copy of the Motivational Gifts Survey. (Please allow 48 hours if ordered on Friday after 5 p.m. EST or weekends).

Thank you for using!

  • To keep costs low, we do not ship copies. The gifts survey is priced at a reasonable level for academic and ministry use. We do not offer additional discounts.
  • Since it is a license, it needs to be for a limited term. The term is one year. We recommend you reproduce the purchased number before the expiration date of your license.
  • You cannot return a PDF purchase.
  • Purchasing a license to reproduce copies of the self-scoring Motivational Gifts Survey allows you to include it with material as part of your consulting services, seminars, or classes. Copies may not be individually sold. The Motivational Gifts Survey can only be sold and distributed by the copyright holder and

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You will be taken to PayPal to checkout. When you arrive at PayPal, enter the quantity of Copies you would like to Reproduce.