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  The Perceiver:   %
  The Server:   %
  The Teacher:   %
  The Encourager:   %
  The Giver:   %
  The Ruler:   %
  Showing Mercy:   %

gift descriptions

We have discovered that people often have a combination of two or three gifts that makes
them unique. This would be shown by the top two or three percentages in your profile. There
is a possible 100% for each gift.

For your convenience, the following are definitions of the seven gifts:

the perceiver

Perceivers have a keen sense of right and wrong and thus hold high standards. They have a
unique ability to detect when “things aren’t quite right.” This information is not always positive
and well received. As a result, Perceivers can appear too direct or inconsiderate of others’
feelings, when their intention is to help or warn people. Motivated to stand up for what is right,
they have an intense disdain for injustice. Perceivers tend to live “out loud” by overtly
applying their values and convictions to everyday life.

the server

Servers are motivated by helping others, fixing problems, and completing tasks. They are quick
to identify tasks that need to be done, so they are mindful of their surroundings. Servers are
efficient and “keep things moving.” They keep on task (and often keep others on task) to be sure
needs are met. Servers have a natural ability to plan ahead and put in place what will be needed.

the teacher

Teachers make difficult concepts easy to understand. Their motivation is to help others learn and
grow by presenting truth in a logical way. They tend to be gifted intellectually and often seek to
become experts in their fields. Teachers are usually comfortable speaking and teaching to large
groups. Some are consummate debaters as it is how they can convince and help others to learn.
At times, teachers can appear argumentative while they are simply trying to gain clarification.

the encourager

Encouragers have an ability to call forth the best in people through encouragement and motivation.
Naturally, they feel comfortable around people and tend to have extraverted personalities.
Encouragers want to see people improve and succeed and often prescribe practical advice. They
have an ability to bring new life to people who have lost their determination and feel burnt out.
Encouragers usually have a large circle of friends and are natural networkers.

the giver

Givers are motivated to be generous. Sometimes this is by charitable work or organizations that
provide for the disadvantaged. Other Givers excel in critical thinking, design, and math & sciences
enabling them to establish projects or organizations of their own that provide directly for the needs
of others. Although some do not experience a financial or entrepreneurial aspect of their gift, they
are still compelled to give in some way and meet a particular need of others through a specific call
on their life.

the ruler

Rulers have an ability to see the “big picture” and therefore look ahead for possibilities and dangers.
A Ruler brings order by setting up structures, systems, and methods for others to follow. The
motivation of a ruler is to guide everyone toward a common goal. Hence, Rulers are protectors. This
gives them an assertive, take-charge attitude often causing Rulers to appear bossy to other people
who do not understand the gift.

showing mercy

Those with the gift of Mercy are the first to listen and sympathize when someone is suffering. Concerned
with the physical and emotional condition of people, they often have a strong desire to relieve the pain
of others and are effective in roles that require compassion. When people repeatedly come to them with
problems or pain, they pour out mercy versus frustration and are patient with those around them.

For further details…

For your convenience, on the Home menu of our website, you can access expanded definitions of the
seven gifts and the behaviors of each gift seen in scripture. We also provide the Greek root word for each
gift (used in Romans 12) to give a better understanding. Above is an abbreviated version to accompany
online test results.